The event saw performances by Andee, We Are Trash, Bobby Bob and La Maldita
Spain - El Brunch Nuestro De Cada Dia (Our daily brunch) is an event that took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the island of Tenerife on the 6 May 2023. The sound system and lighting fixtures were provided by Musicanarias Audiovisuales.
The event took place on the Plaza Alisios, an area at the back of the Auditorio Adán Martín that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Starting at 1pm and finishing at 10pm, the event saw performances by Andee, We Are Trash, Bobby Bob and La Maldita.
The Plaza Alisios is often used for events and presents unique challenges when it comes to putting together the perfect sound setup. For this event, Musicanarias Audiovisuales relied on an active line-array system by DAP's Odin Audio Systems. The eventual setup was the result of careful analysis of the area to ensure that the Odin setup chosen made optimal use of the system’s excellent sound coverage and powerful bass. It included six DAP Odin S-218A active line array ultra subwoofers and 12 DAP Odin T-8A active line array satellite speakers.
Sound is just one part of a successful event and you can’t have brunch without food, which is why the entrance ticket also included a meal voucher. Lighting is another important element because it adds extra atmosphere, particularly after daylight fades. To that end, light fixtures by Showtec and Infinity were chosen. These included the Showtec Phantom 280 Hybrid moving head and the Infinity iB-5R beam moving head that both added colourful, dynamic lighting to keep the energy of the crowd up.

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