Oktoberfeest Sittard has grown into a successful six-day festival
The Netherlands - Reflexion Evenemententechniek relied on products from Showtec and Infinity to bathe the Brand Weizen Pavilion at the Oktoberfeest in Sittard in light and support the artists in putting on an unforgettable show. The festivities and charisma of both national and international artists were given a lively energy boost by the professional lights and lighting design.
For the 2022 edition of the Oktoberfeest Sittard, the Brand Weizen Pavilion was rigged and taken care of by Reflexion Event Technology. T.Y.S was again responsible for the design on behalf of Reflexion. Building strongly on products by Showtec and Infinity, they put up lots of lighting fixtures to create a an unforgettable experience. Because Oktoberfeest Sittard is not only about beer, but also about music and performances, the quality of the shows is very important. And therefore, so is the lighting and its design.
As the available room was not very spacious, especially in terms of height, it was important to use compact yet high-quality and powerful lighting effects. To meet these requirements, 17 Infinity iFX-640, 25 Infinity Furion B401 Beam and 16 Infinity Furion S401 Spot moving heads were used as the main lighting on stage. With their small size and yet powerful light output, they fitted perfectly into the stage design.
As front lights, 10 Infinity iW-741 RDM Zoom moving heads were chosen for their small size, wide beam angle, and powerful effect thanks to their Osram RGBW LEDs. On the stage itself, a further 80 Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX fixtures were used to finish the stage background in detail. And finally, the venue lighting was assisted by 48 waterproof Showtec Spectral M800 RGBW LED spotlights to properly support the atmosphere.
Oktoberfeest Sittard began 18 years ago as a collaboration between fairground unions and entrepreneurs Markt en Binnenstad (Market and Inner City) Sittard, which advised the municipality to move the spring fair to the second week of October because of the already existing glut of events from June to September. Given the timing of the event, choosing the Oktoberfest theme (after the popular German celebration that has inspired many like-minded festivals worldwide) seemed a logical approach.
With a circus tent in the Stadstuin (City Garden) with a capacity of 1,000 visitors and a funfair with 80 rides throughout the city centre, the first edition immediately caught on and soon Oktoberfeest Sittard grew into a successful six-day festival.
In 2022, the annual festival began on Friday 21 October and lasted until Wednesday 26 October, and all the while our Infinity moving heads and Showtec Sunstrips and Spectrals performed flawlessly.
Artists such as Sumpfkröten, Bläck Fööss, Brings, DOMSTüRMER, Dj Ötzi & Band, Schürzenjäger and The Trammps all performed under dynamic Infinity and Showtec lighting, and Reflexion's crew had a carefree time thanks to the reliable fixtures.

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