The festival features live performances by popular Australian artists like Jessica Mauboy, Jack River, Mia Wray, and Jacotene
Australia - Tumbalong Park, a five-hectare respite of green in the centre of Darling Harbour is serving as the site of a FIFA Women’s World Cup Fan Festival this month.
A vibrant celebration of all things football, and much more, the festival features giant live streams for watching FIFA Women’s World Cup games, a variety of fun football-related activities, a cornucopia of street food, and live performances by popular Australian artists like Jessica Mauboy, Jack River, Mia Wray, and Jacotene.
Enhancing the festive atmosphere and providing memorable visuals at the event, which began 20 July and runs through 20 August, is a bold and colourful lighting setup by dplr that is anchored by 108 Chauvet Professional fixtures from Showtools International. Included in this collection are 16 Maverick Storm 4 units, 20 Outcast R2X Washes, eight Colorado PXL Bar 16 motorised battens, 12 Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWashes, 12 Color Strike M motorised strobes, and 40 Colorado Batten 72X linear washes.
“The reliability of the fixtures, combined with the outstanding lighting effects and performance, has been a standout feature,” said dplr Director Andy Lysle. “Chauvet’s expansion into a wide range of IP-rated lighting solutions is very impressive.”
Arranged on four rows of horizontal overhead truss, three columns of vertical truss on each site, and along the backdrop, the fixtures were skilfully deployed by the design team to reflect the spirit of the festival as well as the individual music and personality of the preforming artists. Dazzling crowds with a range of looks, from richly texture colour washes to bold white blinders, to pixel mapped specials, and everything in between they’re setting an upbeat mood for the festival.
Engaging the audience with its bright output and long throw capabilities has been the Maverick Storm 4, which is flown on two rows of downstage truss. Flown over mid-stage, the Color Strike M is adding to the visual variety with its pixel mapped effects, strobing and audience lighting. The Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash with its wide beam range and pixel mappable LED is also contributing to the rich abundance of looks at the wildly popular festival.
“We are thrilled to be part of this momentous celebration of sport and culture,” said Andy Lysle. “With the support of Showtools International and the collaborative efforts of our partners, we are confident that our lighting display adds a magical touch to the FIFA Women’s World Cup Fan Festival and creates cherished memories for all.”

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