USA - SHS Global's new office in Austin,Texas opened 1 September and includes a lounge area, demo room and sales space. It is located on the backlot of Austin Film Studios and is nestled in with companies like Fender, Peavy, Rooster Teeth Games, Electrofish films to name a few.

SHS Global has also rebranded itself to fall more in line with its new business model. A total website rebuild and new logo design was established to help convey the company's new vision.

"It was important for us to find a place that had good synergy and is deeply rooted to the entertainment community in Austin," says Leigh Anne Aiken, owner of SHS Global. " Our goal was to create a boutique space where clients, designers and production companies can come and source equipment, develop ideas and get product training from various manufactures."

Since 2005, SHS Global (formally Second Hand Solutions) has been developing strategic partnerships with manufactures and production companies around the world. Offering product support and securing the best deals in the market is their specialty.

SHS Global's new strategy is to empower the industry through product training, offering a hands on product experience and design space to see their ideas come to life.

"We want to change how new and used equipment sales are done. It's an exciting time in our industry-with more product choices than ever before If you give people the right tools, training and a space in which to be creative, they can make a more informed decision on what the best products are for their project," said Leigh Anne.

(Jim Evans)

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