The solution includes Stem table and ceiling speakers and microphones, combined with the Stem hub
UK - Smart technology and office design specialist Coodart relied on Shure Stem Ecosystem to transform the head office of one of Europe’s largest mineral producers. With new communications technologies playing a key part in the renovation, Coodart chose Shure’s flexible portfolio as the solution to bring high-quality audio into this major new project.
The Shure Stem Ecosystem, which was recently awarded the 2022 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, provides a fully customisable solution that integrates with other communication platforms such as Barco ClickShare and Huddly cameras. This is why a mix of Stem Ecosystem devices were chosen to fit in the space.
The solution included Stem table and ceiling speakers and microphones, combined with the Stem hub to connect all the devices together and complete the solution. Future flexibility provided by the system means that additional devices can simply be added at a later date, should the audio requirement change.
The system offers three different pickup patterns, so there was immediately a huge difference in audio quality, not only for everyone in the room but for those calling in remotely. Stem Ecosystem’s audio fencing also provides a ‘protective bubble’ around those speaking, blocking out any irrelevant noise and focusing the audio pickup solely on the conference room table.
Working closely with the client, Coodart used its expertise in creating modern workspaces to refurbish the company’s HQ, in which exceptional audio was critical. It was necessary to transform the existing boardroom into the perfect space for colleagues to meet and collaborate, whether virtually or in-person. Additional flexible office space to work was also required, along with meeting rooms with reliable and robust conferencing technologies.
“Coodart worked hand-in-hand with the client from the inception of the design through to the final delivery,” explained Philip Stoddart, managing director of Coodart. “The Shure Stem solution gave us the advantage of not only a very high-quality audio, microphone, and speaker solution, but it also integrated perfectly into the design of the meeting space.”
“We are constantly rolling out new firmware updates to ensure the product never goes end of life, is always future compatible, and always meets the needs of the customer,” said James Hill, director, system sales, Shure.
“The Stem ecosystem is designed to take the complexity out of meeting rooms. Simply plug in your device, press the room adapt button, and the device will send out a series of tones which will be measured for reverberation, so the device can set itself up to be perfectly sounding in that room.”

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