KV2 Hub offers a premier location that caters to both modern and traditional audiences

China - It’s not often that a nightclub is named for its sound system, but that’s what has happened in Meishan in the Sichuan province of China – the latest addition to Meishan’s cultural landscape is an entertainment venue with a capital investment of over 50m RMB (over £5.4m).

The principal investor – a successful Chinese media and showbiz entrepreneur – visited several large clubs before deciding on what he wanted for his own venue. He was so impressed by what he heard at the Forever club in Wuhan – a massive KV2 venue that was billed as China’s biggest nightclub project of 2022 – that he decided not only on a KV2 system for his own venue, but that he would even name the club after it. KV2 Hub in Meishan opened earlier this year.

Conveniently situated in the heart of the Rose International M District in Meishan, KV2 Hub offers a premier location that caters to both modern and traditional audiences. Spanning over 2300sq.m of column-free space, the venue features a diverse range of offerings including 60+ seating areas, six private party rooms, leisure zones, and instagrammable photo spots.

Through the integration of technology and hardware, the venue promises an ‘unforgettable entertainment experience’ for its patrons. Part of the signature of the new space is its audio system which comprises four powerful, long-throw VHD2.0 mid-high enclosures arranged in two vertical arrays left and right of the main stage supplemented by four VHD2.21 ultra-low frequency subwoofers for the ultimate club sound experience with none of the fatiguing distortion or uneven dispersion often experienced in large clubs.

A further two VHD2.0 enclosures act as a vocal system, all combined with a custom sound matrix crafted by professional acousticians to ensure coverage exactly where it is needed.

On the visual side, the Hub boasts over 400sq.m of LED visual matrix by HuaMeiTe, complemented by collaborations with top-tier stage design teams.

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