The Bedroom Premium Club is one of the largest and highest profile nightclubs in Bulgaria
Bulgaria - Located in the heart of the capital, Sofia, the Bedroom Premium Club is one of the largest and highest profile nightclubs in Bulgaria. A recent upgrade has seen the club's desire to deliver the very best sound satisfied by an L-Acoustics system.

Emil Yanakiev - owner of Forte Music, one of the country's biggest audio importers and rental companies - had previously supplied an L-Acoustics system for events at Bedroom Beach, Bedroom Premium's summer extension venue. Here, sets by high profile DJs had demonstrated the positive difference that the quality of L-Acoustics loudspeakers makes to the clubbing experience, so when Vesselin Borisov, the 800-capacity venue's co-owner, decided to install a new audio system in Bedroom Premium, he approached Emil Yanakiev for advice.

For Bedroom Premium, a team comprising Emil and Forte rental manager Alex Pigov, acoustic consultant Ivailo Hristev and L-Acoustics application engineer Olivier Hebert specified a system comprising four arrays of two ARCS Wide and two ground stacked SB18i subs, two lines of delays totalling seven 12Xti and side-fills of two 8Xti. Three LA8 and one LA4X DSP amplifiers completed the system.

"The team did an excellent job, especially because the space presents a number of acoustic challenges and our customers noticed the improvement in sound quality immediately," says Boris Sekulskii, Forte's marketing and special events co-ordinator. "There are a lot of square-section columns, which produce many reflections, plus there are differing heights and, overall, a relatively low ceiling, but the sound coverage is very consistent throughout."

"We are very happy with the L-Acoustics system," adds Vesselin Borisov. "The sound quality is excellent throughout the club and feedback from customers and the DJ team has been outstanding."

(Jim Evans)

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