Solotech invests in L-Acoustics K3
Tuesday, 30 November 2021
lasolotechk31Some of Solotech’s new L-Acoustics K3 enclosures pictured in the company’s Montreal shop
USA/Europe - Solotech, a long-time L-Acoustics partner, has extended its inventory. The company’s already substantial stock of L-Acoustics products now boasts a total of 56 of the newest L-Acoustics K3 compact line array cabinets, split equally across its North American and European operations. This investment will help the company to fulfil its ever-increasing 2022 commitments.
The new K3 is L-Acoustics smallest, full-range line source system to date and is designed for mid-size events. Its light weight and long-throw capability and extensive bandwidth make it an appropriate addition to Solotech’s inventory, allowing the company to propose new approaches, especially for theatre productions and for deployments using L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal technology, providing a cost-effective solution for projects requiring increased cabinet counts in smaller spaces.
“The global Solotech teams consistently create outstanding entertainment experiences for an incredible range of audiences and artists,” expressed Alan Macpherson, chief executive officer of L-Acoustics Americas. “I’m pleased that Solotech saw the new K3 as a strategic investment that will help them to continue offering optimised sound reinforcement for their exciting and growing line-up of projects.”
In Europe, SSE has already deployed its K3 with Post Malone on the Wireless Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this summer, whilst Solotech’s North American stock is gracing American rapper, singer and songwriter NF’s 20-date, month-long Clouds Tour, where it is being used as out-fill as part of an extensive K Series system.
“K3 has a smaller footprint than K2, which makes an excellent in-between solution when Kara II is not quite powerful enough and K2 would be overkill,” explains Francois ‘Frankie’ Desjardins, vice president R&D at Solotech Inc. “With its integrated Panflex, K3 offers control on the HF directivity which gives it great flexibility to give either very wide coverage, or much narrower, perfectly fitting the needs of diverse projects. Having all of that in one cabinet offers better versatility.”

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