Sound Stylists deploys Nexo line arrays
Wednesday, 23 October 2019
tdThe systems are being rolled out for a wide variety of clients
South Africa - Johannesburg-based Sound Stylists was founded in 1987 to provide full technical turnkey solutions in event production, and has become one of South Africa’s most respected rental companies.
Kevin Glover’s company has had a long association with Nexo, but recent line array technology from the French manufacturer has really hit the spot for Sound Stylists’ projects and clients. Glover has invested in the new Geo M6 and M10 compact and mid-size line array systems, which are being rolled out for a wide variety of clients.
For a corporate event at the Thornleys club in the spectacular Drakensberg Mountains, Sound Stylists deployed a stacked configuration comprising of the Geo M10 mid-size line array. Main PA was eight M1012s, two M1025s and four MSUB15s with four LS18s, and six M6 compact cabinets, used as delays. The M10s were powered by two NXAMP4x2Mk2s, with one NXAMP4x4 for the LS18s and another NXAMP4x1 for the M6s.
“They worked really well in a stacked configuration,” reported Glover. “We used the wide box at the bottom of the stack. The one major requirement of this show was that the PA couldn’t be in front of the LED screen, so, even though the PA was out wide, we still had really good front coverage. The M6s were used as delay for speech reinforcement.”
Main entertainment comprised of a drumming duo called Drum Machine which the system handled beautifully. “There was a lot of power in the low end with a big boomy kick drum, and overall high SPL. The M10 showed again that it can really handle large corporate functions. It’s a really good box in that we have used it for corporate, rock and roll and orchestral shows. Its clarity and warm natural tone make it perfect for speeches, giving power without being loud. This same characteristic Is what makes it perfect for the orchestra, you’ve got sound quality and clarity without it being loud.”
The compact Geo M6 loudspeakers were paired with LS18 for a large-scale corporate event in South Africa’s leading resort, Sun City. The varied entertainment on the night included a neoclassical trio, the DJ Deeno Bravo as well as lots of AV content. For main PA, the Geo M6 cabinets were flown six a side, crossed at 85Hz, paired with eight LS18 subs stacked in two blocks of four, and with iD24 super-compact cabinets, two used as front-fill and two for delay.
(Jim Evans)

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