Adamson reinforces Zerotokyo experience
Monday, 26 June 2023
tokyoAt night the multi-floor venue operates as nightclub Zerotokyo
Japan - TST Entertainment, a joint venture between Tokyo Corporation and Sony Entertainment, has taken four years to deliver a live music and club experience in the Kabukicho Tower, in Tokyo’s Kabukicho district, featuring Adamson loudspeakers across three levels.
Zepp Shinjuku operates the venue for daytime live music events. At night the multi-floor venue operates as the nightclub Zerotokyo. The design called for a lighting and sound experience that was seamless between the floors, but still respected the various needs of a live music and club environment.
Ryoichi Ishii, sales director for Adamson’s Japanese distributor Rewire, said: “It is no exaggeration to say that Zerotokyo is one of the largest nightclubs in Japan. The fact the venue services live music and a nightclub, there were many audio distribution challenges to solve.”
Adamson’s IS7Px and PC5 point source loudspeakers are used throughout the venue. An S-Series line array is used for the main performance space along with M12 monitors. S119 subwoofers are used in each room.
“The project design started in 2019, and from the beginning, we envisioned visitors at the front of the floor being bathed from head to toe in sound, while those on other levels and at the back being able to hold a conversation,” says Ishii.

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