Amadeus Speakers abound in Paradise City
Wednesday, 4 September 2019
wonderbox-1Wonder Box is equipped with over 60 Amadeus speakers with Powersoft amplifiers and six Ovation servers
South Korea - Amadeus installed over 200 of its speakers in the Paradise Fun City entertainment complex in Incheon.
The installation was part of a wider multi-media infrastructure overhaul overseen by C2 Artechnolozy. C2 was involved in the design phase of the newly-opened Paradise-City phase 1-2 project which includes Chroma, the largest club in East Asia which encompasses three separate nightclubs, Wonder Box - a carnival-inspired indoor amusement park - and boutique hotel Art Paradiso. The complex also features the Art Garden and the Paradise Walk areas.
C2 was responsible for designing and supervising the resort's audio, video, and lighting systems; it also designed, developed and supervised the EBGM System (Enhanced Background Music), and was responsible for the design and construction of both the Chroma staging system and the audio, video, and lighting systems for Wonder Box.
The EBGM system is based on the Ovation Server, Horus, and Hapi interfaces from Swiss manufacturer, Merging Technologies. The system is capable of up to 384KHz or DXD (DXD - Digital eXtreme Definition at 352.8KHz) via the AES67 RAVENNA network. The 352.8KHz DXD EBGM was applied to 69 zones with 145 outputs, including four buildings and three outdoor spaces, and is the first time anywhere in the world that a background music system supports and operates at DXD/384KHz quality throughout a whole resort area.
In order to reproduce differentiated sound sources, C2 chose Amadeus speakers. After long discussions with Amadeus, the integrator chose Amadeus C Series (initially designed by Amadeus for the Paris-based Chaillot National Theatre), PMX Series speakers, and ABB 15 and ML 12 SLIM bespoke subwoofers. Powersoft power amplifiers are applied throughout the boutique hotel Art Paradiso to power the speaker system. "Amadeus and Powersoft were the best choices to harmonize the quality of the sound source," notes Kwak.
The Art Gallery at Paradise City is equipped with hanging tracks, power, and network terminals, with Amadeus PMX 5 D and ML 12 D active speakers to enable installation flexibility depending on the needs of the art installation. "The Amadeus speaker is the only one that can satisfy both the luxury and high quality of hotels and art galleries. The system uses the AES67 DXD format for the EBGM system as well as a separate operation using a Dante Network. The art gallery is also set up to utilize projectors with an HD Base-T network to provide an optimized infrastructure for media art," explains Kwak.
In the 'Cimer Spa' section of Paradise City, Amadeus PMX5 and ML12 Slim subwoofers were installed along with other complimentary speakers and audio equipment necessary for the indoor/outdoor environment.
There are two more buildings on either side of a wide square across from the hotel and spa buildings. One of the two buildings is the Wonder Box indoor 'amusement park'. C2's team managed the Wonder Box project: John Kim was executive manager, Suk-Hoon Lee was the project manager and designed all the audio, video and lighting systems including integration, Taechan Moon was in charge of AV construction. Joshua Jeon was in charge of whole 2D-3D design, and designers Eunjung Kim and Yunhee Choi Jeongeun worked on the 2D-3D simulation and design of the AV system.
Wonder Box is equipped with over 60 Amadeus speakers with Powersoft amplifiers and 6 Ovation servers from Merging Technologies for the show control and audio control. It also equipped the space with 14 Panasonic 21,000 ANSI laser projectors projecting two large indoor screens of curtains which are 33 meters in length and 9 meters in height. The site also has two 10,000 ANSI laser projectors and two Grand MA 3 Consoles, one full size and one Compact XT for the lighting. The system can create immersive AV using the audio, video and lighting system.
(Jim Evans)

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