Apex releases Cloudpower firmware update
Friday, 7 October 2022
apexA CloudPower amplifier with laptop running IntelliCloud WebUI
Belgium - APEX has added numerous new features to its CloudPower installation amplifiers with the public release of V1.2.1 firmware and updates to its IntelliCloud remote control software.
Among more than a dozen feature updates, V1.2.1 now allows global device audio presets to be uploaded or downloaded for backup and fast configuration of multiple amplifiers. The new firmware standardises amplifier channel and bridged channel gain across all four models in the series, from the 4 x 350W CP354 to the 4 x 3000W CP 3004. Similarly, limiter values are now the same across the range, and limiter threshold range value is identical in normal and bridged modes. After 15 seconds without user input, CloudPower’s front panel menu now auto-exits and the daylight visible OLED display dims to prolong screen life.
V1.2.1 builds on the raft of major new features introduced in V1.1 firmware, including a ten-input matrix on each amp channel, an integral signal generator to assist with system setup and extended hands-on, front panel access to setup tools, plus UDP protocol compatibility for deeper integration with industry-standard control systems such as AMX and Crestron.
APEX managing director, Paul Van Hees comments, “V1.2.1 is packed with user-requested refinements and enhancements from the early adopters who were quick to embrace the potential of CloudPower. Along with the blockbuster new tools delivered in previous updates, we’re confident that integrators will enjoy an even smoother, faster experience with CloudPower, whether they’re managing amplifiers remotely via IntelliCloud or dialling in parameters on site.”

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