ASL Score with Multiplex and SVT
Tuesday, 22 May 2001
Multiplex, the Australian company renowned for its on-time completion of the Stadium Australia for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, is currently working on upgrading Chelsea Football Club's Stamford Bridge ground. As part of this, its on-site contractor SVT were asked to look at the arrangements for evacuation in cases of emergency such as bomb threats. Deciding that a new system was required they turned to a partnership of ASL's world-leading PA equipment and Navica Ltd's rack-building expertise for this flagship installation. ASL's products from the core of the Incident Evacuation system, which will be used to control and evacuate the crowd inside the stadium. The primary fire evacuation system, in this case, will continue to use conventional sounders but should it be necessary, ASL's system can be configured to be fully compliant to the standards required of a primary fire evacuation system.

Terry Crouch of SVT is delighted with both the equipment and the support during the design, rack build and commissioning process from ASL and Navica. He stated: "The key thing for me about the system is that it's so simple to wire, configure and use. The entire process is so easy using ASL's clear and concise instructions and frankly, in our business, less wires means less mistakes and money saved."

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