The Ministry of Sound orchestral concert was staged at Stage 88 (photo: Darren Russell)
Australia - Canberra-based Elite Event Technology (EET) supplied 96 x Astera AX1 PixelTubes for an eye-catching lighting design to illuminate a special Ministry of Sound Orchestral concert staged at Stage 88, a permanent venue ensconced in the leafy green environs of Commonwealth Park, Canberra.
EET’s client was promoter Zaccaria Concerts and Touring, and the lighting designer was Jayden Sutherland from design studio The Bakery Design Co.
The AX1s were used along the three over-stage trusses – front, mid and rear – and to define the edges of all the orchestra risers on the deck, creating elegant architectural looks as well as high impact effects.
EET’s Darren Russell explained that they suggested Jayden use the AX1s as there was a very tight overnight changeover after a Crowded House gig the night before, also with lighting, video and sound production supplied by EET.
“We suggested Astera due to the wireless operation which basically made it seriously quicker and easier to complete the changeover over in the early hours of the morning and be ready on time delivering the rig for 10 a.m.” noted Darren, adding that both of these show days were long.
They also suggested AX1s because “We love our Astera products and thought they were a perfect practical and creative solution.”
Jayden had not used Astera products before, but took EET’s advice and agreed that they were a good option. Jayden also commented after the show that he was initially mildly sceptical about the AX1’s potential performance, but was very pleasantly surprised with the result.
Running in full pixel mode, the AX1s helped him run a high-energy show keeping the pace and flow pumping. They were used for producing solid blocks of colour to fluid kinetic effects to strobing and other flashy stuff.
The overnight changeover between the two shows was the biggest production challenge for Darren and his team. They had to be fully programmed and ready for sound checks and rehearsals by 10am on the day of the MOS show, with lighting also operated by Jayden on a grandMA full size console.

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