Astera joins the Skoda Octavia launch party
Thursday, 27 February 2020
astera-skoda-octavia-launch-prague-13mkThe new Skoda Octavia was at the Prague National Gallery’s Trade Fair Palace
Czech Republic - The new - fourth-generation - Skoda Octavia was launched to a VIP audience and the global press in the Czech Republic at the Prague National Gallery’s Trade Fair Palace.
Lighting designer Michael Kuehbandner created a lighting scheme for a special presentation show attended by 700 guests. Included in his brief was also lighting a number of periphery areas covering the entrance, reception and after-show display, for which he specified over 200 Astera wireless LED fixtures.
This included the venue’s impressive and vast six-storey atrium and ridged roof space which was used for the after-show, complete with a display area on the ground floor with four Skoda Octavias, a bar and drinks section and a band stage, where everyone could mingle, network and socialise before and after the main launch show.
Michael’s lighting plot utilised 218 AX7 battery powered LED SpotLites - a PAR style fixture - and a kit of 12 Astera Titan Tubes. All fixtures were run wirelessly.
The venue is primarily a museum with a café in the entrance area, and due to the layout and day-to-day functionality of the building, it was not possible to run long lengths of power or data cabling, so this lighting rig had to be wireless.
Eighty-four of the AX7s - 21 per floor - were deployed across the middle four floors of the atrium (the first and sixth floors could not be used) for up-lighting the balcony ceilings and structural columns, creating a smooth glow of colour around the top of the building. This helped to transform the space from modernist functionality into a dynamic and vibrant environment ideal for capturing the special after-show vibes.
The AX7s were all sitting on the floors, and the atrium lighting was supported by LED wash moving lights on stands and also on the balconies, with glass and steel roof illuminated by static LED washes.
The other 138 AX7s were utilised to light the walls of the various catering areas, mainly as up-lighters.
The Titan Tubes were set up behind the band stage - their bottom ends mounted on mic stands to vary the heights - to bring structure, funkiness and depth to an otherwise mono-dimensional space. They were pixel-mapped via a grandMA2 console running all lighting across the after-show area, operated by Marek Papke.
Michael was working for the Skoda Octavia launch’s technical producers adhoc engineering from Germany. He and a large creative and technical team were led by the event’s creative director Achim John from Jack Morton Worldwide together with show direction team from Quinton’s Concept. The production design was by marketing / communications agency Fischer Appelt in collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide. Lighting equipment supply, including the Asteras, was co-ordinated by AVE-PRO.
(Jim Evans)

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