Audio Aboard SS Ausonia
Friday, 29 September 2000
The SS Ausonia, a recently-refurbished luxury cruise ship contracted to First Choice Holidays by Louis Cruise Lines, has had a state-of-the-art audio design specified by cruise line specialists, Fisher Marine. The equipment installation was carried out by Louis Cruise Lines' own contractors. The Halifax-based company used a wide range of Martin Audio loudspeakers as their primary sound reinforcement source in the three main zones - the main and secondary show lounges (which are multi-purpose, transforming into cabaret and late night discotheque usage) and the main deck, which also features a massive lighting rig. The system on the Ausonia, which has its audio presets stored and relayed to the different show areas by three BSS Audio Soundweb devices, will be fed from a mixture of CD and Minidisc playback sources, as well as live cabaret through a radio mic system.

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