BSS Soundweb Used for a Laugh
Tuesday, 3 July 2001
BSS Soundweb Used for a Laugh
The latest Jongleurs comedy club has been developed on the site of the former Mash & Air in Manchester’s city centre - in a multi-level building, requiring multiple signal feeds. When Andy Chamley’s Telford-based AC Limited won the contract from Regent Inns plc for the sound and lighting package, they put together a specification based around a pair of BSS Audio’s 9088 DSP networking devices, with two local 9010 ‘Jellyfish’ remotes. Chamley says the success of the installation owed much to the close support offered by BSS Audio’s Dave McKinney. "This was a complex installation, since the venue exists on four floors, and required careful design," he explained.

On the ground floor is Bar Risa - a daytime operation and night-time feeder bar, with a hard disk music system. This is linked by a Soundweb device and Jellyfish, offering satellite and other source input select from the Jellyfish. "We have also installed a DJ console, allowing them to create a trendy club atmosphere," explains Andy. "Thus we have different gain settings, EQ and other parameters stored in Soundweb. The system is also time-aligned for the DVD and satellite output to run in sync with the screens."

While the second floor is largely a service area, the third level forms the ground floor of the comedy club itself, which has a capacity of 500. Here the second Soundweb controls the entire PA system and there are three different stored settings. Chamley explains: "There’s the Comedy set-up, with the bottom end rolled off, time alignments and delays; the second scene is programmed for the mid-week live band sessions, and thus the overall system had to be capable of music reproduction. In the third setting, it moves to true nightclub mode, when all the tables are moved back under the stage." The second Jellyfish panel is operated by the authorised sound technician.

The Comedy Club’s balcony forms the fourth floor. The sound is mixed entirely through an Allen & Heath GL3300 (24 sends, eight returns) and AC Limited have installed a multicore/multipoint plug system to allow larger touring desks to be patched in. Chamley is delighted with the outcome and hopes that this will be the start of a long relationship with the club brand. "The system sounds good and the client is delighted - and a lot of the credit for that must go to Soundweb."

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