CDJ-1000 Digital Deck
Tuesday, 22 May 2001
Pioneer GB has introduced the futuristically-designed CDJ-1000, which includes a range of innovative new features such as Vinyl Emulation, Wave Display, Multi-Media Card (MMC) and Loop In and Out Adjust. The CDJ-1000 provides a creative universe limited only by the imagination of the DJ - entirely irrespective of favouritism towards either CD or Vinyl. With its design rooted in CD and sampling technology, the CDJ-1000 is modelled on a traditional vinyl deck. With the world’s largest touch-sensitive Jog Dial, designed to faithfully and accurately emulate the characteristics of a turntable. This allows DJs to treat CDs exactly the same way as they would a vinyl record: cueing, pitch-bending, back-spinning and even scratching.

The Wave display reads every track on the CD and displays the corresponding sound level in a graphical format. This enables the DJ to cue up a track just as they would with vinyl by reading track break-points in advance for use as a mix point. There is also a Zoom facility which lets the DJ scroll along the Wave display to obtain even greater information. The MMC memory card feature allows the DJ to store favourite cue and loop points, as well as all the track Wave data from the CD onto the card for future use (16mb MMC = 100 cue and loops points and WAVE data up to a maximum of 10,000 CDs). There is also a back-up function that duplicates cards in case of loss. Other features include an instant reverse activated by a switch with no loss of tempo or pitch; three Hot Cue buttons that can be used to memorise cue points on different CD tracks and then instantly recalled at any time during a mix, and a Real Time Seamless Loop which allows the DJ to adjust the In and Out points of the loop – just like having a sampler at your finger tips.

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