Chauvet lights Tori Kelly’s Late Show set
Wednesday, 21 October 2020
tori-kellyTori Kelly on the Late Show
USA - Cut off from her normal routine by the lockdown, the multi-Grammy winning artist Torri Kelly retreated to her home studio to embark on a musical journey of self-reflection and discovery. The result is her aptly named EP Solitude.
When Kelly appeared ‘virtually’ on The Late Show with James Corden late this summer to support its release, lighting designer Julien Reux deployed 18 Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures supplied by PRG.
“I wanted to give off an angelic aura to the performance,” said Reux, owner of ReuxLight Design. “The warm white glow from the STRIKE fixtures was critical to conveying this mood.”
Kelly’s performance was videoed at The Beehive Studios in Los Angeles and livestreamed to Corden’s set at the CBS network facility. Arranged in a 22ft semi-circle behind the guitar-toting star, the STRIKE 1 fixtures created a transcendent effect that translated well on camera.
“I was careful to make sure that the lighting did not overpower what the cameras were trying to capture,” said Reux. “It was important to maintain a balance of what I wanted to achieve in the design while keeping in mind the needs of the video crew. Vinnie Ferra directed the whole shoot with a stellar camera team of Michael Newman, Alexander Federic, and Alex Hall. It was all videoed with Sony A7S bodies to capture the magic.”
“Creatively, this was a rewarding project to be involved in,” said Reux. “I’m grateful to Wesley Switzer for recommending me to Tori’s team.”

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