Collarts delivers audio education with JBL
Thursday, 21 November 2019
collartsCollarts teaches the fundamentals of studio recording, live production, and sound for film
Australia - The Australian College of the Arts Pty recently outfitted their new flagship campus with JBL by Harman audio systems for their audio and music production programmes.
The Australian College of the Arts Pty (Collarts) is an independent tertiary college specialising in degrees and diplomas in the creative industries, including audio engineering and music production. With four campuses throughout Melbourne, Collarts teaches their students the fundamentals of studio recording, live production, and sound for film.
When the college moved its main campus from South Melbourne to Collingwood, they used the opportunity to equip their recording, mastering and post-production studios with JBL by Harman audio systems, including Studio One, Critical Listening and an immersive Dolby Atmos Room.
Collarts equipped their primary recording space, Studio One, with soffit-mounted JBL M2 Master reference monitors, powered by a Crown amplifier. The Critical Listening Room, which doubles as a mastering suite, is also equipped with a pair of M2 Reference Monitors driven by a Crown amplifier. Three smaller recording spaces utilize with JBL 305P MKII powered studio monitors, which provide stunning detail, precise imaging and impressive dynamic range.
The Atmos Room, primarily used for creating Dolby Atmos mixes to video, is outfitted with 20 JBL loudspeakers, including three JBL 708P monitors in L/C/R configuration, 10 705P monitors around the walls, six Control 2P monitors on the ceiling and a JBL S2SEX 15-inch subwoofer powered by a Crown amplifier. The system is controlled using a JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management and Tuning System, which provides EQ, delay, and format switching between Atmos, 7.5, 5.1 and stereo.
“Collarts students now have access to studios, a mastering suite and an Atmos room with a quality of sound reproduction they can’t get anywhere else,” says Dr. Paul Doornbusch, associate dean of Collart. “Even if they have decent monitors at home, you just can’t get the low-end, the lower distortion, surround sound speakers or treated rooms without spending the money. Our students are now receiving a premium audio education, and that gives them every reason to come and work on campus.”
(Jim Evans)

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