Danley debuts FLX-Series
Monday, 17 June 2019
danleyflx12The FLX-12 begins shipping in late June
USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced its new FLX-Series of flexible loudspeakers.
The Danley FLX-12 is the first member of the range. It can be pole-mounted, hung from rig points, or lain on its side as a floor monitor.
With 94dB sensitivity, a phase-coherent frequency response from 75Hz to 21kHz (+/- 3dB), multi-band Sentinel burn out protection, and 118dB continuous and 124dB peak output, the FLX-12 is at home in any small- to medium-sized sound reinforcement application.
“The new Danley FLX is designed by Tom Danley and his team of engineers for customers who need extreme flexibility and Danley fidelity at a cost-effective price point,” explains JP Parker, director of global sales at Danley Sound Labs. “The FLX stands for flexibility without sacrificing Danley’s legendary performance.”
(Jim Evans)

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