Denon Launches New Generation PMA Amps
Tuesday, 25 July 2000
Denon has launched two new UK-designed amplifiers which improve on the well-known technology of the PMA-250SE and PMA-350SE range, and have broad-band designs, ready to take advantage of DVD-A and SACD (Super Audio CD) technology. The PMA-255UK uses the chassis and fascia of the 250SE, but with a totally new interior. Rated at 30W, typical power can exceed 45W pc into 8 ohms. The new design also delivers superior bass power and drive with enhanced load handling. PMA-355UK. The new PMA-355UK design adds extensive features and dramatically improves the sound quality of the 350SE. Despite a 50W rating, typical power output can reach nearly 70W pc into 8 ohms.

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