Doughty on board for YouTube London
Tuesday, 21 January 2020
youtube-berlinPhoton Beard and Doughty have partnered on projects including YouTube Berlin
UK - When Peter Daffarn, MD of Photon Beard was contracted to design, supply and install some studios at YouTube London, he brought Doughty Engineering on board to provide a range of kit.
“Dave Errock of Wave Science Technology first got in touch with Photon Beard - initially just for some consultancy and to prepare the tender documents,” explains Daffarn. “However, it wasn’t long before we were asked to manage the entire fit-out. For a company like YouTube, we needed a solution that not only performed well, but looked great too. And that’s why Doughty were my first port of call.”
YouTube wanted a functional yet aesthetically pleasing suspension system so Doughty supplied a range of curtain tracks, hoists and grids - some off-the-shelf and others made especially for the project. “Working with Dan and his team we came up with a solution that YouTube loved. There’s no doubt that Doughty helped us overcome a number of challenges to get both looks and functionality 100% spot on - something I doubt we would have achieved with any other company,” claims Daffarn.
Since collaborating on YouTube London, Photon Beard and Doughty have gone on to partner on other projects including YouTube Berlin, Google DeepMind and Financial Times TV. “What started as one great job has seen us make a great team on several other great TV/broadcast studio jobs - all with very happy customers. There are several more in the pipeline that we’re very excited about,” continued Peter.
“Doughty really is the best there is in my book,” says Daffarn. “Their engineering support and knowledge is second to none and their range of products - from standard items to bespoke pieces is vast. Dan Phillips has been central to the reason I work a lot with Doughty - as well as Mike GuglieImi and Candice Robinson.”
(Jim Evans)

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