DWR hosts L-Acoustics training sessions
Tuesday, 3 December 2019
richard-smith-of-dwr-distributionRichard Smith of DWR Distribution
South Africa - Richard Smith of DWR Distribution, an L-Acoustics authorised training centre, recently headed up L-Acoustics certified training for a group of technicians at the company’s offices in Johannesburg.
The two-day training course provides technicians with both the technical and practical skills and certification needed to operate a range of L-Acoustics professional sound systems.
Under the guidance of Richard Smith, who has served as a brand ambassador for L-Acoustics in Africa for over a decade, attendees are taught all that they need to know to operate L-Acoustics’ Kara, Kiva II and K2 professional audio system. Smith is a passionate and committed teacher and trainer and takes enormous pleasure in passing on his years of knowledge and experience to a new generation of L-Acoustics Certified Technicians.
“I have always loved teaching and try to take advantage of any opportunity presented to share my knowledge and experience with others in the audio field,” says Smith. “There is nothing more rewarding than watching those special light-bulb moments when a trainee suddenly grasps a new concept or skill.
“In the past, L-Acoustics took a highly structured, standardised approach to its training programmes. However, in recent years, they have adopted a more modular ‘a la carte’ approach. Participants start out with Level 1 training, which consists of two modules. Once they have completed the compulsory System Fundamentals module, covered on the first day of training, they are able to stipulate which system they would like to specialise in for the focused ‘K-Day’, which is delivered on the second day. Once a trainee has completed the K-Day course in a specific system, such as the Kara, they are able to return to learn about other systems, such as the Kiva II or K2, without having to repeat the first day of training. This provides operators and engineers with the opportunity to become certified in a range of L-Acoustics systems.”
DWR hosts several L-Acoustics training courses through-out the year, including L-Acoustics fundamentals, K-Day training on the Kara, Kiva and K2 systems, as well as L-ISA training.
(Jim Evans)

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