Elation Artiste Monets shine on Logic tour
Friday, 6 December 2019
logic-2019-tourphoto-by-marc-chambers3Lighting design was by Mitchell Schellenger
USA - Rapper Logic toured 26 cities across North America this fall on his The Confessions of a Dangerous Mind tour with lighting design by Mitchell Schellenger and lighting supply by Volt Lites of Burbank, California.
Schellenger employed a rig of Elation Professional Artiste Monet moving heads as the workhorse fixture in his design and says the powerful, multi-purpose LED profile was just what he was looking for.
Schellenger had visited the Volt Lites shop in LA to demo the Monet and found the fixture’s multiple capabilities to his liking. “I didn’t want to use the typical wash, profile, beam configuration,” he says. “I wanted this to be a simplified look and by doing so I needed a fixture that was capable of doing a lot of things with the power and capacity to light the entire show from above. The Monet just made perfect sense.”
On the Logic show, an overhead rectangular rig holds 24 Artiste Monets in six rows of four fixtures each. Across the backline and lined up with the six overhead finger trusses are six more Monet fixtures used for aerial effects and to shape the band. Running perpendicular to the Monet truss fingers are four automated finger trusses, which at times disappear completely to leave the Monet fixtures alone.
Despite the large arena settings, Logic wanted the show to have an intimate feel so Schellenger abstained from LED video graphics and used IMAG with a supporting light show. While two monolithic screens (each 15ft wide by 32 ft tall) project live images of the artist, the upstage centre is left intentionally void.
The designer also placed a Monet fixture at each downstage edge of the stage for sidelight, a position that he typically would use two fixtures to get the intensity he wants. “This was the first time I’ve ever done a show with a single fixture downstage left and downstage right and it was more than enough,” he says. “We could zoom them wide to get the full shot then shutter them down with the framing system so we weren’t blowing out the video wall.”
Lighting programming was by Manny Conde with Sarah Parker handling lighting direction on tour.
(Jim Evans)

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