Eliminator debuts affordable LED PAR
Wednesday, 29 November 2023
eliminatorThe Eliminator Lighting Mega Hex L PAR will be shipping in Europe from mid-January 2024
USA - Offering powerful output, lime-infused LEDs, a patented ‘sit-flat’ design, a multi-purpose scissor yoke, DMX or IR remote control, and an optional frost filter, Eliminator Lighting’s new Mega Hex L Par is billed as ‘a next generation LED PAR which won’t break the bank’.
This versatile fixture is suitable for a wide variety of lighting applications from uplighting walls to illuminating stages, highlighting décor elements to getting the party started on the dance floor. With a light weight and flexible design, it is equally suited to use by event companies and mobile entertainers as it is for permanent installation in bars, clubs, and other leisure venues.
Powered by four bright 20-Watt HEX (6-in-1) colour mixing LEDs, the compact Mega HEX L Par offers impressive output in a wide variety of colours. Each LED combines red, green, blue, lime, amber and UV elements, each with independent 0-100% dimming control, allowing for a huge spectrum of colours to be mixed. Inclusion of the UV element allows for the ‘black light’ effect which causes white and neon coloured décor and clothing to glow when used alone, and it can also be combined with other elements to create vibrant colours like hot pink, deep purple, and electric blue.
The lime element, which is becoming common in top of the range fixtures but is unusual at this price-point, allows for vivid shades of green as well as white light with a CRI of >90. A high CRI means that colours are rendered more accurately when the fixture is used as a wash to illuminate scenery, décor, or performers, which is particularly important to ensure natural skin tones and enhanced depth. The fixture also offers tunable while light output with a wide colour temperature range of 2300K (very warm) to 9900K (extremely cool) and is pre-programmed with 15 presets to allow easy selection of popular options.
Thanks to a patented ‘sit-flat’ design, inherited from Eliminator Lighting’s sister company, ADJ, the Mega Hex L Par may be placed directly on the ground or inside a truss because its IEC power and DMX input and output sockets are mounted on the sides of the fixture, not on the rear.
“Offering impressive output and a comprehensive feature set, the Mega Hex L Par is a professional calibre LED par at an incredibly good price,” comments Albert Paredes, product manager for Eliminator Lighting. “Its HEX colour LEDs, with both UV and lime elements, allow for a vast selection of output colours, including tunable white with an excellent CRI. This, paired with our patented ‘sit-flat’ design and flexible scissor yoke, makes for an extremely versatile fixture that is ideal for a wide variety of entertainment and events applications.”
The Eliminator Lighting Mega Hex L PAR is available now in the Americas and will be shipping in Europe from mid-January 2024.

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