Grandmaster Flash.
Grandmaster Flash, founder of modern hip hop, is touring Europe using a specially customised Rane TTM 54i mixer. Flash’s set is a combination of retrospective sounds from his block party roots in the 1970s, presented in a contemporary style and atmosphere using the latest technology from Rane. His set sounds every bit as fresh and original as ever, creating positive energies and vibes plus a distinctive 21 century sound via the art of scratch mixing.

Flash has always customised his gear, right from the start. Originally, he explained, this was because the equipment simply wasn’t designed for the creative style of mixing he pioneered. He has now used Rane equipment for a couple of years: the first time he heard a Rane mixer - whilst playing at the New York club Life - he fell in love with it’s clear sound. "Rane is simply the cleanest mixer I’ve found," he says.

Flash is also impressed with Rane, as a manufacturer, for listening and taking onboard his creative and practical suggestions for their future product development. Rane and Flash are currently working on a joint project - rumoured to be a major landmark contribution to mix culture - due for introduction at the end of the year.

(Lee Baldock)

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