Fulcrum Acoustic debuts Fulcrum Immersive
Thursday, 18 May 2023
2023fulcrumacousticfulcrumimmersivepaulstephenDr. Paul Henderson and Stephen Siegel
USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the formation of Fulcrum Immersive. Fulcrum Immersive is the result of Fulcrum Acoustic’s acquisition of Concord, NC-based Venueflex. The goal of the acquisition is to provide a complete set of hardware and software tools that enable designers and integrators to design and deploy immersive solutions in a modular, scalable manner from small to large.
Fulcrum Immersive technologies tailor venues for optimum performance and, in the process, promote a higher level of audience engagement and a more consistent audience experience. The holistic approach includes software modelling tools, hardware and software signal processing modules, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and acoustic treatments that completely address project requirements from conception through installation. In addition to the technological aspects of the acquisition, Fulcrum Immersive gains the expertise of sales, technical, and customer service personnel.
Stephen Siegel, president of Fulcrum Acoustic, commented on the formation of Fulcrum Immersive and his relationship with Dr. Paul Henderson, formerly with Venueflex, who will now serve as Fulcrum Acoustic VP of Software & Immersive: “In the 20 years that I’ve known Paul, I’ve watched him create a number of compelling technologies. Paul demonstrated some of the spatial tools that he had developed and expressed interest in partnering to bring these to a broader market. As we discussed further, it was obvious that Paul’s technologies and team would be a natural extension of our core business."
Dr. Paul Henderson adds: “I’ve enjoyed a long relationship with Stephen, Dave Gunness, and many of the Fulcrum staff, and have been impressed over the years with their innovations in loudspeaker technology and Fulcrum’s commitment to customers. As our immersive audio tools started taking form, it was obvious that the fusion of our two brands could bring powerful immersive experiences to new audiences across the globe. The future of Fulcrum Acoustic and Fulcrum Immersive is very bright, and we are very excited to develop some great new products and tools together.”

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