When Inflight Studios recently opened a multi-format transfer and archiving facility, dealing mainly with the format copying and archiving demands of the UK record labels, they simultaneously decided that a Soundcraft Ghost mixing console would be the best vehicle for expediting their audio transfers.

The facility is run by producer/engineer, Tony Taverner, and ex-Dreamhire general manager, Keith Knowles. Ex-Dreamhire chief copyroom engineer, Nick Kirkland, is handling and overseeing the day-to-day transfers and archiving, with a staff of a further two engineers. Explained Keith: "We are able to accommodate all the formats used in today's (and yesterday's) recording processes - ranging from multi-track analogue through to the very latest hard disk formats. We also have an on-site tape incubator allowing our engineers to safely bake any tapes that are in danger of shedding, or showing signs of deterioration."

The decision on which desk would be the best for the facility fell to Nick and Tony. Both agreed that the Soundcraft Ghost would be the ideal desk for its versatility, clean sound and reliability. A 32-line/32-monitor input/8 bus desk was thus requisitioned. Inflight Studios, meanwhile, have already secured an archiving contract for a large music group, and their client base will expand as the facility develops.

(Ruth Rossington)

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