(Photograph by Louise Stickland)
Lighting and sound specialist Hawthorn Theatrical has recently supplied lighting, trussing, rigging and drapes for the UK and European leg of the current Chemical Brothers tour. Lighting designer for the tour is Andy Liddle, who has been working with Hawthorn Theatrical since last April. He has specified High End Studio Beams, Martin MAC 300s and Atomic strobes, Clay Paky Stage Scans, Avolites dimmers and a Wholehog 2 control desk.

Hawthorn Theatrical's main challenge was to produce a circular revolving structure which could be used as a projection screen and then flip over to its reflective side at the end of the show to form the centrepiece of a breath-taking finale. In addition, the screen had to be lightweight and modular as it was to travel with the band for the whole of the World tour. As an approved Prolyte dealer, Hawthorn Theatrical provided 4.5m circular truss from the H30V range, along with Stagemaker motor hoists and a variety of specialist fabrics to achieve the stunning space age effects shown in the accompanying photograph.

(Lee Baldock)

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