Illumination Physics on road to recovery
Monday, 23 March 2020
illuminationIllumination Physics is now back at 100% operating capacity
Hong Kong - LED lighting manufacturer Illumination Physics has reported it is now in recovery mode after its business – with bases in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Delhi and Europe - was among the first wave of companies to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We have certainly faced some challenges caused by the effects and reactions to the current coronavirus pandemic,” say the directors. “Our factory and the attendant procurement chain was shut down effectively for more than a month and various levels of difficult planning and logistics followed that. But we are now part of the first wave to recover.
“Thanks to the hard work and excellent strategy employed in our manufacturing operations, Illumination Physics is now back at 100% operating capacity.
“We have clawed back the lost time and we are preparing to deliver three large projects on time n time In Las Vegas, in Sydney and another in Toronto. We now also have available manufacturing capacity. We have hundreds of lines of products available for both direct view and indirect view lighting.
“We have built our business on agility and we can rapidly adapt our products; or design anew for any of our clients that are experiencing delays with their projects.
“Our offices in Hong Kong performs the core liaison with our manufacturing facilities and all of our staff have been connected by a virtual office for a year previously so it is business as usual.
“Our Melbourne and Bremen offices are part of that remote network and every member can operate from home without loss of efficiency.
“As the owners of Illumination Physics, Peter Kemp and Simon McCartney have always been available for at least 18 hours, seven days a week. Regretfully we will not be seeing our customers face to face as often as we wish. Our best wishes to all of you.”

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