Images of War
Wednesday, 18 October 2000
Built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1685, the Royal Hospital in Chelsea is a retirement home for old soldiers - the famous Chelsea Pensioners. The London landmark was an unusual venue for a technically sophisticated son et lumiere show, 'Men in Scarlet', commemorating its 300 year history. The Hospital itself acted as the projection screen, and backdrop for the light show, while the soundtrack was presented in surround sound. Manning the 48-input Midas Heritage console for a week of shows was Huw Richards, for many years the FOH engineer for Oasis - which some might say was ideal preparation for mixing a soundtrack of great British battles. He and his system techs Iain Reinhold and Jonathan Hitching battled torrential rains to present a soundtrack so accurate and realistic that one member of the audience suffered a heart attack. SSE Hire of Birmingham provided a predominantly NEXO Alpha sound system which was controlled by a TiMax acoustic imaging system from Outboard Electronics.

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