Complex, competing and constantly upgraded software packages to drive DSP engines are providing a scourge to installers, according to Ivor Green & Associates. "We have tried most of the proprietary devices in our time - but we desperately need to reduce the time it’s taking our technical staff to get their heads around so many software versions, which they then have to carry to site because they are often not retro-compatible."

Green believes this to be the inherent weakness of the new generation digital processing. But now he thinks he has found the solution in TOA’s DP-0206 modular digital signal processor. And if the first flurry of installations proves successful, he aims to standardise on it. Ivor Green & Associates have already installed a DP-0206 in the new Life in Leeds for Luminar Leisure, and will shortly be fitting out half a dozen Midlands-based Litton Tree pubs for Surrey Free Inns - again using the digital processor. "The beauty with the DP-0206 is that it is a pre-configured unit, with elegant software, and seems to be a lot more straightforward," he said. "A further attraction is that it is very intuitive and extremely flexible."

For instance it can be configured as 6-in/6-out, 4-in/8-out or 2-in/10-out, making it ideal for a multi-zone set up. In Leeds it has been configured to control ten zones of loudspeakers, including main dancefloor coverage - handling limiting, EQ and stereo loudspeaker outputs as well as mono and stereo feeds, with system dynamics, EQ and time alignment. "We’re more than happy with it from a sound point of view," he continued, "in fact, the DP-0206 is really doing the business for us."

(Lee Baldock)

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