JBL reinforces Go Out Camping festival
Monday, 27 February 2023
jbl-go-out-campingThe Go Out Camping Music Festival attracted 10,000 people over three days
South Korea - To provide the Go Out Camping Music Festival with immersive and impactful sound tailored for the outdoors, TechData PS Co collaborated with rental company Raffoler and Harman Professional Solutions to implement a range of JBL Professional audio solutions.
With an attendance of 10,000 people over three days, the first post-pandemic edition of the Go Out Camping Music Festival took place at the Seokgangi Auto Camping Site located in South Chungcheong Province’s Taean County. Featuring a2n eclectic roster of artists from genres as diverse as R&B and indie - including Car, the Garden, Daybreak and more - the festival also hosted a wide range of outdoor activities including yoga, rock climbing and campfires.
Given the stage’s limited truss height and seaside location, the festival required a live setup that was lightweight and easily transportable across sandy terrain, but also provided the output and coverage sufficient for a live show. To meet these requirements, Raffoler and TechData PS worked with Harman Professional Solutions to deploy JBL Professional VTX Series V25 and S28, PRX ONE and EON ONE MK2 loudspeakers.
Equipped with Differential Drive technology, D2 compression drivers and a newly designed waveguide, the JBL VTX V25 line array provided the festival’s production team with reliable output and coverage in a lightweight and compact enclosure. The installation team paired the V25 speakers with JBL VTX S28 dual 18-inch subs for reinforced, distortion-free low end down to 29 Hz. Along with sharing the same technology and components, both the V25 and S28 include JBL’s specially designed simple-rigging system, making for easy setup and takedown before and after the festival.
The TechData PS team reported that JBL's VTX Series is an exemplary product that produces reliable results in every situation. Therefore, their choice of audio solution for the festival was a natural one.
Along with the VTX Series, the installation team also deployed JBL PRX ONE and EON ONE MK2 portable column PA systems for additional output and coverage that worked within the stage’s limited space. Durable and comprehensive, both systems are rechargeable all-in-one sound solutions equipped with built-in mixers and DSP, making them ideal for any setting in need of legible, wide-reaching sound, from solo busking sets to headlining festival stages. The speakers also significantly reduced the load-in weight and transportation time, which proved ideal for the festival given the stage’s limited vehicle access.
Festival organiser Media Bling said that the system exceeded expectations and delivered a simple, seamless system with high quality and impactful sound. They added that organisers were impressed with Harman’s quality of service and experience with music festivals, both of which proved crucial to a successful festival weekend.
“We are thrilled that music festivals are coming back in full force once again,” said Amar Subash, director, channel management and audio solutions, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We look forward to making a greater impact with our clients through our world-class products.”

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