The fixtures recently arrived at Kinetic Lighting and have already been quoted on several projects
USA - Glendale, California-based Kinetic Lighting has added 80 Ayrton Zonda 9 FX fixtures to its lighting rental inventory. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
Kinetic Lighting provides theatrical and studio lighting services worldwide in studio, corporate, exhibit, theatre and live-event markets. The company’s range of services includes equipment rentals, sales, lighting design, previz and related show services.
Zonda 9 FX is a versatile fixture that combines the main features of the Zonda 9 Wash with stunning 3D volumetric effects and complex LiquidEffect graphic effects.
“We hadn’t been actively searching for new wash fixtures when Eric Abad, western regional sales for ACT Entertainment, demo’d the Zonda 9 FX for us,” recalls Kinetic Lighting president, David Rosen. “We loved it and realised it would be a great replacement for wash lights we had for years and were looking to phase out. When we evaluated the Zonda 9 FX purely as a wash light, it checked all the boxes. Then when we looked at its effects features, it checked all the boxes there, too with some effects we’d never seen before. Zonda 9 FX is a unique product: a good wash with beautiful eye candy. We felt a lot of designers and clients would be interested in it.”
The fixtures recently arrived at Kinetic Lighting and have already been quoted on several projects. Rosen and his colleagues have been introducing the Zonda 9 FX to clients and the community and getting the word out on their availability. “We think their usage will run the gamut from corporate theatre and touring to film and television,” says Rosen. “Part of their appeal to us was that we didn’t feel the Zonda 9 FX was pigeon-holed to a certain segment of the market.”
Kinetic Lighting has also boosted its first ever Ayrton purchase of Diablo-S fixtures to more than 120 units. “Diablo has absolutely proven to be the workhorse we thought it would be for theatrical, corporate, and film and television projects,” notes Rosen. “Everybody is impressed by its output in a compact and lightweight fixture that doesn’t compromise on features. We expect to continue expanding our inventory of Diablos.”
In addition to its rental fleet, Kinetic Lighting is now selling Ayrton as well. “Ayrton is highly regarded in the industry and recognized as a real innovator, so we’re proud to add Ayrton products to our line card,” says Rosen. “People continue to be impressed with each new Ayrton product.
“ACT has been a great partner with us in both our rentals and sales,” he adds. “We appreciate their support and keeping us updated on all the latest introductions and innovations from Ayrton.”

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