La Crosse Centre upgrades with EAW Radius
Thursday, 25 August 2022
eaw-la-crosse-centerLa Crosse Centre hosts conventions, meetings, trade shows, concerts, weddings and sporting events
USA - When officials at the La Crosse Centre in Wisconsin were looking to replace the venue’s aging PA system as part of a $42m dollar renovation, the task of finding a sound system capable of handling today’s complex audio demands while delivering unrivalled clarity was given to operations manager Kris Salzwedel and his team. Salzwedel found the solution he was looking for with a custom Radius RSX Series PA from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).
Located in the heart of downtown La Crosse’s riverfront district, the La Crosse Centre hosts conventions, meetings, trade shows, concerts, weddings and sporting events that welcome hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. Built in 1980, the centre was recently expanded to include the South Hall.
“We chose to install EAW’s RSX PA system in our 21,000sq.ft arena because the system checked all the boxes,” says Salzwedel. “The space is utilised as a general meeting area as well as an arena. The EAW system we installed in South Hall A is great for presenters and the overall fill of the room. It works great for large events and provides fantastic coverage within the seating areas as well as on the ground floor.”
The installation, managed by Minnesota-based Video Services Inc. (VSI) features eight hangs of seven RSX212L 2-way self-powered loudspeaker boxes, eight hangs of two RSX18F 18-inch self-powered subwoofers and four QX326 two-way trapezoidal enclosure speakers. The arena area features a down-fill arrangement with a line array.
Designed to streamline setup and deliver maximum results in minimum time, Radius couples intelligent features with EAW’s signature acoustical design. The Radius articulated array features OptiLogic, providing automatic array self-detection and instant optimisation including air loss compensation and more. The EAWmosaic app provides total system optimization from anywhere in the venue, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application.
“We have been very happy with the EAW PA system since its installation,” adds Salzwedel. “The system has had no issues even when pushing very hard during some events. As a customer, it has been very user friendly. It’s a great system.”

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