With song-based music currently poised to make a major comeback, the recent growth of London’s Bayswater showcase venue, Tall Poppy Presents, has seen the venue become one of the hottest spots in town for A&R people and unsigned artists. Faced with a demanding, critical audience and international performers whose potential careers depend on the best possible sound quality, Tall Poppy has chosen FBT MaxX4a active PA speakers, supplied by UK distributor Proel (International).

The venue, situated at Henry’s Bar/Restaurant in the Henry VIIIth Hotel, Bayswater, is hosted each week by Canadian singer-songwriter Lee Lindsey, who performs her own material as well as introducing performances from a string of artists. The music is often demanding and the audience is fussy. Responsible for getting the sound right is guest engineer, record producer, Jack Guy. Jack (whose recording credits include INXS, All Saints and Gun) says: "We’d been looking for ages for a better standard and the FBT MaxX active speakers are very, very true - very natural at the top end and they don’t lie. When you play a CD back through the FBTs it sounds like a CD - sometimes with PA speakers a CD sounds terrible, but these are great. I’m actually going to be using them in the studio soon, to beef-up the sound of a room - that’s how good they are."

The FBT MaxX4a is a two-way system fitted with renowned B&C drivers: a single die-cast aluminium framed 12" speaker fitted with a neodymium magnet and a custom 1" compression driver. The MaxX 4a delivers 300W + 100W from its built-in power amplifier, which features FBT’s proprietary ADAP processor.

(Lee Baldock)

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