LSi ‘A1 DMX’ auction raises £2,500 for #WeMakeEvents
Wednesday, 10 March 2021
sold-imageThe winning bid raised £2,500 for the #WeMakeEvents campaign
UK - Throughout February, LSi and PLASA hosted a blind auction for an industry-related number plate reading ‘A1 DMX’, donated by a prominent TV lighting director who has chosen to remain anonymous. The aim of the auction was to raise funds for the #WeMakeEvents campaign, with the winning bid coming in at a generous £2,500. #WeMakeEvents, LSi and PLASA would like to thank everyone who took part.
Every penny from the auction will go to the #WeMakeEvents campaign and their chosen charity, Backup which supports industry professionals and their families through times of ill health and financial crisis. Backup also allocates #WeMakeEvents funds to a number of specialist charities, including: Acting for Others, Music Support, Stagehand and #MakeItBlue. 
The number plate’s original owner comments: “I’m very grateful to everyone who bid for my number plate, and especially to the very generous person who submitted the winning bid. I would also like to thank Claire Beeson and everyone at LSi and PLASA whose help and enthusiasm made it possible to raise this really decent amount of money for #WeMakeEvents.”
The highest bidder, and new owner of the number plate, adds: “The last year has been an incredibly challenging time for us all, and I'm very fortunate to be in a position to assist a cause that is doing so much for our industry in its darkest (pun intended) hours. I'd especially like to thank the previous owner of the plate for their amazing generosity.”
Find out more about #WeMakeEvents and their charity donations at

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