The M-Flex 12 from Mach.
Mach’s new M-Flex series offers a unique solution to high quality audio reproduction, whether the application is smaller musical productions, AV work, stage monitoring or spoken word performances. Comprehensive rigging and mounting options combine with intelligent digital bi-amplification technology to create what Mach say is a truly flexible system.

The drive units in the M-Flex series have been custom designed to address key issues such as ultra-wide dispersion, linear frequency response, ultimate speech intelligibility and all fitted in a compact, lightweight and easy to handle cabinet. A unique customized 12" full-range coaxial drive unit has been designed for the M-Flex 12, which offers unsurpassed speech intelligibility, wide dispersion and impressive sound pressure. The 12" unit features a strong die-cast chassis and a 3" edge-wound voice coil. The 1" compression driver features a special Mylar diaphragm material with linear response up to 19kHz.

M-Flex 15 is the big brother of the M-Flex family and offers true full-range high SPL sound reproduction. The 15" unit is a unique construction that features a lightweight chassis. The 1" compression driver, mounted behind a 90° x 40° constant directivity horn, incorporates a very lightweight diaphragm and, with 107dB sensitivity, the unit is more efficient than many 2" drivers, but still boasts a wide frequency response and runs flat to 19kHz.

For reproduction of frequencies from 150Hz and below, the M-Flex S is capable of delivering the punchy kick from a bass drum, a hard low frequency bassline, and at the same time contributes to an overall increase in dynamics and sound pressure. The 15" unit is a unique construction that features a lightweight chassis.

The M-Flex series comes with built in top hat adapters for pole mounting, aluminum locks for easy design of clusters and arrays together with built in stacking options. Furthermore, precisely angled sides allow you to use the M-Flex products as stage monitors. Ultimate protection of the drive unit is ensured through a strong steel grille with extruded rubber protection blocks integrated into the cabinet design.

(Lee Baldock)

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