Mackie Designs Purchases Sydec
Wednesday, 24 January 2001
In a move to expand its global digital audio recording presence, Mackie Designs has signed an agreement to purchase Sydec n.v. of Belgium, a leading innovator of digital audio technology products. Sydec created the first PC-compatible multi-track digital audio workstation: released in 1993, it is considered by many professionals to be the most stable workstation in the audio industry. Sydec products have won numerous international awards including the EQ Blue Ribbon awarded by the AES (Audio Engineering Society). With the purchase of Sydec, Mackie Designs Inc., will own the digital audio workstation technology and other intellectual property created by Sydec, and currently being marketed by Soundscape Digital Technologies Ltd. Mackie Designs has been actively developing technologies in the digital audio environment, winning the 1999 AES TEC Award for Best Medium-Sized Console (Digital 8*Bus). Additionally, Mackie recently released the HDR24/96, a 24-bit hard disk recorder/editor.

"We are excited to be able to take advantage of Mackie's global marketing and manufacturing machine," commented Erik Wijnen, managing director of Sydec. "Our cutting-edge technologies will find a home in many more audio products, worldwide. We'll be able to further develop audio technologies in tandem with Mackie Digital Systems."

Jamie Engen, president and CEO of Mackie Designs Inc, comments. "On so many levels, this is a smart alliance. We're expanding our global presence, intensifying and solidifying our digital research and development, and opening up the floodgates for the creation of new Mackie products."

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