The SP400C: 'This is not a ceiling speaker, it's a ceiling monitor', say Mackie.
At the recent NSCA exhibition in Denver, Colorado, Mackie Designs introduced a high performance, flush-mounted ceiling speaker for the fixed installation market. The new SP400C achieves superior dispersion and pattern control over conventional coaxial designs thanks to a unique high-frequency, exponential wave-guide originally developed for Mackie’s award winning studio monitors. The wave-guide combines with a 6.5-inch driver that has been optimized for smooth frequency response and seamless transition through the crossover point to redefine the price/performance ratio for commercial ceiling speakers.

"This is a very exciting new product for Mackie," stated Costa Lakoumentas, corporate director for global installed product and market development for Mackie Designs Inc. "The SP400C has been designed to be extremely contractor-friendly and easy to install while benefiting from Mackie’s experience in low-cost, high-quality acoustic design."

Mackie developed the SP400C to deliver sound which is more comparable to a studio monitor than a ceiling speakers - making it the ideal choice for contractors looking to produce a high-quality listening environment in restaurants, bars, retail stores, hotels, convention centers, or airports. The SP400C is supplied fully assembled, complete with a sealed zinc-coated steel backcan and cam-style installation clamps. The metal enclosure includes a recessed Euroblock input connector with detachable mating plug. Both are concealed behind a hinged metal cover plate. A welded tab is provided for seismic restraint while steel T-Bar support channels facilitate installation into standard ceiling tiles. Also supplied is a split 'C' steel backplate, which serves to disperse the clamping pressure of the mounting cams. A drywall installation kit is available as an accessory.

The SP400C is supplied with an integral 70/100V-line transformer rated to a maximum of 30 watts. Power is adjustable by means of a recessed rotary switch on the front bezel, and allows selection of 30, 15, 7.5 and 4W taps. A second recessed rotary switch is provided to engage a 150Hz high-pass crossover network - allowing the product to be used as a full-range stand-alone or as a satellite speaker in partnership with a subwoofer. A third position of the switch selects a 16-Ohm tap for use with low-impedance amplifiers.

(Lee Baldock)

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