Mackie Says Goodbye to PD
Thursday, 12 October 2000
Mackie Designs has announced that PD (a.k.a 'Phy Deaux'), the company's corporate Chihuahua, passed away on 28th September. PD's image as Mackie's Corporate Chihuahua rose to prominence in Mackie collateral material, advertisements, websites, marketing videos and product manuals. So well-known was PD to Mackie employees, distributors, reps and customers, that in 1995 a bronze cast of PD was produced as the highest award that could be bestowed upon a Mackie Designs sales rep. Ron Koliha, Mackie's Marketing Deity and PD's owner, told us: "PD was the one who I could turn to for honest critiques of all of my marketing concepts. If she didn't like it, she would simply piddle on it . . . literally. PD will surely be missed."

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