Major Investment in Flagship V12 Desk and Solution Series
Tuesday, 26 September 2000
HSL Productions has made a large and carefully calculated investment in a Crest and Community touring system. The decision was made principally with the Performing Arts Management summer tour in mind, however the company wanted a system capable of reproducing any musical genre. At the heart is the flagship 52-channel (48 + 4) Crest V12 mixing console.In addition to the V12, HSL has placed additional orders with Sound Dept for a 40-channel Crest XVCA console and a 32-channel XM monitor desk, to complement its existing Crest console range. Having converted the company's amplifier stock to Crest 18 months ago Simon Stuart confirmed that HSL have purchased an additional 60kW of Crest CA18s and CA9s to drive its newly-acquired PA system, which comprises 24 stacks of Community SLS-960 mid/tops, with VLF-218 bass cabinets.

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