Maluma’s stage gets diverse looks with Chauvet
Thursday, 30 June 2022
maluma2Maluma plays Atanasio Girardot Soccer Stadium
Columbia - Maluma has a global following and record sales of over 18m and the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, his hometown, recently unveiled a statue of the Latin artist, based on the wax figure of him at Madame Tussauds in Orlando, Florida. The star showed his love for his townspeople with Medallo en el Mapa, a passionate three-hour, 35-song concert at the city’s Atanasio Girardot Soccer Stadium.
Although this landmark venue normally accommodates 45,000 fans, demand for tickets was so great that it was expanded to 54,000, making it the most attended show in the history of the big stadium. To make room for the larger crowd, a 360° stage was installed in the middle of the field, so the audience could fill the grass as well as the stands.
Invariably, an open 360ﹾ stage brings its own set of challenges, but fans were still treated to a rewarding visual experience at Medallo en el Mapa, thanks to a clever set design, some large video walls, and the versatility of the new IP65-rated Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M motorised wash/strobe supplied by Génesis Producciones.
A total of 60 Color STRIKE M fixtures anchored the concert rig for this monumental show, which was designed by Alain Corthout, working with lighting director/programmer Esteban Gil, and programmer Menga Cruz. They were positioned on four vertical columns, each holding 15 units. The high output (over 71,000 lumen) fixture was able to fill the stage and stadium with bright vibrant light that reflected the excitement of the fans and artist alike.
The 180ﹾ tilt range of the Color Strike M, along with the 14 pixel-mappable zones of its RGB face and 28 zones in its two cool white tube elements, opened the way to a wide array of distinctive looks that reflected the diverse range of songs performed by Maluma and the special guests, including Madonna, who appeared with him on stage.
Given that the concert was performed outdoors, the IP65 rating of this versatile fixture made it an appropriate choice for the rig. Also coming in handy were the fixture’s 16-bit dimming and Pulse Width Modulation, since the show was streamed to over 240 countries through Amazon's YouTube channel.
It was this set of performance features that prompted Javier Angel and Juan David, owners of Génesis Producciones, to purchase the Color Strike M from Yamaki, the Chauvet Professional distributor in Colombia.

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