Marquee Product Showcase at Lyric
Monday, 9 October 2000
The Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith was the stage for a recent pro audio open day for two of Marquee Audio's main suppliers - Yamaha and Turbosound. Yamaha demonstrated its latest digital family, the PM1D, DME32 and AW4416 desks, which are now being shipped, while Turbosound's new family of TQ Series loudspeakers - the TQ440/TQ425, TQ259, TQ220, TQ225 and TQ330 lined up alongside the TCS35, also heavily specified by Marquee Audio. The event attracted some of the UK's leading audio consultants. Marquee's Andy Huffer commented: "This was a superb chance for both end-users and manufacturers to experience new products in a realistic environment. The Yamaha PM1D and DME32 ran the show, switching between the Turbosound speakers which were suspended around the stage."

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