The new Shure Boundary Microphone.
UK Distributor HW International has announced that the final two models in the Shure Easyflex Range are now in stock. The Easyflex family of high-quality cardioid and omnidirectional condenser microphones is designed for budget-minded installations.

The new Easyflex Boundary microphones, suitable for low profile applications, complete the family of eight miniature microphones, including both gooseneck and overhead versions. Both new boundary models are offering a choice of cardiod (EZB/C) or omni-directional (EZB/O) condenser cartridges. All with a charcoal grey finish, with attached 12’ cable, in-line preamplifier and recessed mounting holes for quick installation. The Shure EZB/C retails at £120.00 ex VAT with the EZB/O retailing at £110.00 ex VAT.

Whilst the Shure Easyflex Gooseneck (EZG) versions, make an ideal miking solution for podium and lecterns, are available in either 12 or 18-inch cardioid configurations with a charcoal-grey finish. Outfitted with 10-ft., side-exit cables and in-line preamplifiers, the first pair is equipped with threaded mounting flanges. Sporting locking flange mounts, the second pair is fitted with integrated preamplifiers and XLR connectors. All four come standard with a charcoal grey slip-on foam windscreen and a single flexible gooseneck section.

Ideally suited for choirs and ensembles, the Shure Easyflex Overhead (EZO) microphones come in either white or charcoal with cardioid pickup patterns. Adjustable wire frames are found on each for positioning, along with in-line preamplifiers and XLR termination. A matching charcoal grey or white slip-on foam windscreen is additionally provided according to colour choice.

(Lee Baldock)

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