The Phonic PowerPod 2280.
Phonic have recently launched an array of new products, which are now all available from UK distributor, HW International. Phonic’s new ES Range of stage loudspeakers offers 10", 12" and 15" 2-way versions, also a subwoofer at 400W and 600W respectively and 12" or 15" floor monitors. Each loudspeaker is available in passive or active versions. Offering exceptional quality with a hard-wearing rugged exterior. Phonic’s ES Range retails from £220.00 ex VAT per speaker.

The new Micro Range from Phonic comprises of four similar-sized compact audio modules. Offering the Micro I - a 4-channel mic pre-amp, the Micro II - a 4-output headphone amp, the Micro III - a single channel line/phono equaliser and the Micro IV - an Expander/Gate module which completes the range.

The new Phonic MRS1.20 mixing console is designed for any application where budget 5.1 surround sound is a requirement, from educational establishments to home studios. The mixer provides 20 mic/line input channels that can be mixed and routed to 5.1 surround sound output channels with a switch to select the bass channel. For studio operation, the MRS1.20 offers clear LED PPM monitoring on each channel with a separate control room monitoring section incorporating a talkback microphone.

Finally, the most powerful Phonic Powerpod to date, the 2280, features 12 mic/line inputs plus four stereo inputs with three-band EQ providing swept mid-band. The additional 2-channel 10-band graphic EQ, along with built-in digital effects, provides complete control of the two 400W amplifiers that can be bridged into 800W.

(Lee Baldock)

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