New Resolution @ Homelands
Wednesday, 7 June 2000
Forefront Audio, Blue Box Company and Funktion One collaborated to present an exclusive preview of Funktion One's new production-series Resolution loudspeakers at the Ericsson@Homelands UK Festival VIP arena. The Resolution system was first installed into the Millennium Dome last year and is now being developed into a production series, available for purchase later in the year. For the tented VIP area at Homelands, four Res 9s and eight Funktion One 218 bass bins were installed. The speakers provided more than enough energy for the space - measuring 35 x 15 metres - which by 11pm was sardined with over 1200 revellers. QSC Powerlight amplifiers and new XTA DP224 processors drove the system. Several DJs spun the decks throughout the day and night - Craig Richards, John Beach, John Digweed and Pete Tong among them.

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