New Software for Audace Digital Wall Plates
Monday, 21 May 2001
Audace Ltd, the audio control specialist, has released V1.04 of their Intelligent Wall Plate software. The wall plates interface to digital mix processors such as the Allen & Heath DR Series to provide inexpensive, easy-to-use but configurable control of the audio environment by unskilled operators. New features include free Windows GUI available from the Audace website for configuration of systems; wall panels can now control up to four audio channels simultaneously; the 'range' of volume control can be limited at configuration stage; switches can be programmed as mutes, presets, source selects or no function; switches can be configured as additive or mutually-exclusive in function, interfaces with Allen & Heath V2.10 system software which eliminates the need for an optional remote control port, thus reducing overall system cost significantly.

Audace managing director Bryan Waters commented: "In combination with Allen & Heath DR128 in particular, I feel that this solution represents one of the best value sophisticated audio control systems on the market. Not everyone has the budget or requirement for touch screens and of course the compromises of VCA control pots are well documented in terms of no on-panel display, wiring costs, no facility for limiting control, lack of scalability and difficulties achieving multi-channel control. With our system you can even install multiple panels (up to 32) in a large ballroom, for example, and all the relevant wall plates will update when any one of them is manipulated. The displays will also, of course, respond to changes from the machine room, such as automatically scheduled events which is impossible with analogue systems. Or at least, we’ve not worked out a cost-effective way of doing it!”

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