Pioneer Pro powers Nike community space
Friday, 1 November 2019
19481948Ldn serves as an outlet for launching Nike’s limited-edition releases
UK - 1948Ldn in Shoreditch, London is Nike’s community space for young innovators in the fields of sport and culture. With decor and display units made from recycled materials, 1948Ldn serves as a special outlet for launching Nike’s exclusive limited-edition releases, as well as opening its doors to a wide variety of cultural and creative events for the benefit of the local and wider community.
These include music production workshops, fashion shows, poetry readings, presentations, showcases, exhibitions and parties. Every one of the diverse range of events staged requires the support of high-quality audio to ensure that everyone in attendance enjoys their experience to the full.
When 1948Ldn sought an in-house audio solution for its multi-purpose spaces, the company approached Pioneer Pro Audio for a flexible system that would be easy to setup and operate and deliver excellent sound to a wide variety of events.
Pioneer Pro Audio supplied six XPRS 12 full-range 12” active speakers and two XPRS 115S 15” reflex loaded active subwoofers. The XPRS range is a series of high-powered active, compact and portable speakers, powered by reliable, energy efficient Powersoft amplification, that offers a versatile plug-and-play system of the highest quality. Four EQ modes on the back of the full range speakers allow them to be set flat or in speech, wedge or bass+ modes.
At 1948Ldn, the modularity of the system allows it to be specifically tailored to the needs of a given event, whether that be a spoken word presentation in one of the venue’s two principal spaces or full coverage throughout for a fashion show.
Lory Louves, senior manager at 1948Ldn reports: “Our spaces enable young innovative creative partners in the community to stage and participate in a whole range of events. Sports, visual arts, fashion and music all feature and each requires great audio. The flexible nature of the XPRS system allows us to configure the spaces in whatever way is most appropriate to the activity.
“For a poetry reading or an open mic session in our live experience space for example, we might use a straightforward two tops and two subs arrangement, whilst in a music performance workshop we can surround the performers with a great floor monitoring system to emulate a on-stage experience. For a recent fashion week, where music is a big part of the experience, both spaces were in use simultaneously and we were easily able to obtain balanced coverage throughout by using the whole system.”
(Jim Evans)

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